PE Curriculum

How our pupils GrowAchieveBelieve and Succeed in PE at Parkland.

Our pupils understand that PE and School Sport is not about being the best, it’s about being the best version of themselves…


All pupils have access to a broad range of physical activities and experiences, which are inclusive for all and cultivates resilience, raises aspirations, deepens subject knowledge and grows confidence and enjoyment. They regularly work in teams, sharing ideas and can use constructive criticism to evaluate their own and peers’ work, demonstrating respect towards each other, regardless of gender, ability or background. They can be gracious in both success and defeat and learn to manage and regulate their emotions in the process.


All pupils have the opportunity within the curriculum and extra-curricular offer to develop their physical skills within competitive and non-competitive situations. They are able to make progress at their own pace, enjoy challenging themselves and are proud of their achievements


Aspirations are raised through the range of opportunities on offer to extend pupils’ knowledge of further prospects such as volunteering, community clubs and future employment opportunities. They consistently work on developing their confidence, and self-beliefthrough challenging tasks, independent learning, personal challenges and leadership activities.


By focusing on developing the ‘whole child’ using key transferrable skills: (following rules, social interaction, taking turns, speaking and listening and leadership) and by educating them on healthy, active lifestyles prepares our pupils to become good citizens. These skills can then be drawn upon in the transition to high school and throughout their lives to help them succeed.

PE Curriculum

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