At Parkland Primary School we are committed to raising attendance level, in order to ensure that each and every pupil achieves their fully potential. Research shows that there is a direct relationship between attendance and achievement. Pupils with good levels of attendance generally are the pupils who make the most progress and achieve the best exam results in the future.

At Parkland Primary, our attendance target is 96% for the academic year.

If you would like to discuss any issue that would prevent your child from attending school at any time please speak to Helen Brown, Attendance Officer, in the school office.

Holidays taken during Term Time:

The school does not permit holidays to be taken during term time. Parents should be aware that the law now enforces the position regarding holidays. The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013, which become law on 1st September 2013, state that the Headteacher may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. A family holiday during term-time therefore does not fall under the category of ‘exceptional circumstances’. The parent(s) of any child who has a total of 5 days absence recorded, as a result of an unauthorised family holiday may be fined.

Absence Procedures:

If your child is going to be away from school for any reason, please inform the school office by 9.00am. Messages can be left on the telephone absence line, option 1, 0116 2782142.

If a child is absent, we will:

  • Text/call parents/carers, if we have not heard from you, to establish the reason for the absence and to establish that your child is safe.
  • Monitor absence and write to parents to inform you that your child’s absence has fallen below the acceptable figure of 96%.
  • If the attendance figure falls below acceptable figures, the Academy may consider taking legal action.


Please ensure that you make arrangements for your child to arrive at school on time. Late arrivals cause disruptions to the class and the beginning of your child’s day. Late arrivals are marked in the register, if the child is not present when the register is taken. If your child arrives after 9.30am the mark, we have to give shows as an absence on their attendance records, unless there is a reason for the absence, for example, a medical appointment and evidence has been provided. It is also important that you contact the School Office if your child is going to be late for any reason and they require a school dinner, we ask that this is done before 10am, so a dinner can be ordered.