Year 2


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Weekly Home Learning Activities

Week commencing 20th April

Week commencing 20th April Learning activities

Telling the Time

Secret Garden Competition

Week commencing 27th April

Week commencing 27th April Learning activities

27th File Pack

Secret Garden Competition

Week commencing 4th May

Week commencing 4th May Learning activities

- Maths - Compare Lengths
- Hansel and Gretel
- Griselda’s Diary
- Maths - Order Lengths
- Maths - Four Operations with Length
- Witches Menu Template
- Maths
- Hansel and Gretel Story Review
- VE Day Information
- VE Day - Spitfire Glider

Week commencing 11th May

Week commencing 11th May Learning activities

Venn Diagram

Reading Comprehension

3 Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig

Focus Your Mind

Week commencing 18th May

Week commencing 18th May Learning activities

Be Kind Poem Template

Being Kind to Yourself Activity Sheet

Kind Notes

Kind Words Colouring Page

Kindness Wordsearch

Patchwork Heart

Superheroes Art Exhibition Poster

The Story of The Star Thrower

Week commencing 25th May - Half Term

May Half Term Activities

Week commencing 1st June

Week commencing 1st June Learning activities

Week commencing 1st June General activities

- Description of Dragon School
- Wildlife Yoga
- Multiplication Sentences
- Use Arrays
- Zogs School Report
- The 5 Times Table
- Princess Pearl Medical Bag
- Roald Dahl Maths Challenge
- Comic Strip
- Lego Game Board

Week commencing 8th June

Week commencing 8th June Learning activities

- Maths - Make Equal Groups Sharing
- Reading - Castles Information Text
- Reading - Castles Question and Answer Sheet
- Writing - Castle Word Search
- Maths - Make Equal Groups
- Writing - Castle to Label
- Maths - Odd and Even Numbers
- Reading - Features of a Castle
- Writing - Jobs in a Castle
- Writing - Job Advert Template
- Maths - Addition and Subtraction Word Problems
- Writing - Castle Fact File Template
- Maths - Magic Maths
- Reading - Building Castles

Week commencing 15th June

Week commencing 15th June Learning activities

Week commencing 15th June General activities

Helicopter Template General Activity

- Unit Fractions
- Battle of Hastings Reading
- Facts About William the Conqueror
- Shield
- Non Unit Fractions
- Battle of Hastings Stop and Jot Questions
- Find a Half
- Norman Boat
- Reading Word Sort
- Find a Quarter
- Anglo Saxon and Modern Life Comparison
- Motte and Bailey Comprehension
- Maths Sheet
- Motte and Bailey Castles Presentation
- Motte and Bailey Activity
- Reading Activity
- Yoga Poses

Week commencing 22nd June

Week commencing 22nd June Activities

Knights and Dragons Unite

Design a Dragon Egg General Activity

Mindfulness Colouring Pictures

- Aristar the Dragon Description
- Knights and Dragons Unite Questions
- Count Sides and Vertices on 2D Shapes
- Knights and Dragons Comparison Tables
- Knights and Dragons Challenge Cards
- Count Faces, Edges and Vertices on 2D Shapes
- A Day in the Life of a Page
- How to Become a Knight Information Sheet
- Sort 2D and 3D Shapes
- How to Become a Knight Reading Comprehension
- A Knight’s Armour
- Label the Knight in his Armour
- Making Patterns with 2D and 3D Shapes
- Design a Coat of Arms Shield
- Word Sort Grid

Week commencing 29th June

Week Commencing 29th June Weekly Activities

Week Commencing 29th June General Activities

- Measure Length (cm)
- Eiffel Tower Fact Sheet
- Character Description
- Character Adjectives Word Mat
- Compare Lengths
- Instructions on how to Climb a Tower
- Chameleon
- Four Operations with Lengths
- NHS Reading Comprehension
- I Have a Dream
- Stay Connected
- Magic Maths
- Reading - Lighthouse - Questions
- Reading - Lighthouse - Information
- Wanted Poster
- Number Bonds to 20

Week commencing 6th July

Week Commencing 6th July Weekly Activities

General Activities - Garden Yoga

General Activities - Pirate Coins

General Activities - Sponge Painting

General Activities - Garden Plan

- Instructions Template
- Measure Mass in Grams
- A Room in A House That Once Was
- Measure Mass in Kilograms
- Jakes First Day
- Message in a Bottle
- Compare Volume
- 3-2-1 Fact File about Bees
- Minibeast Reading Comprehension Questions
- Minibeasts Reading Comprehension Text
- Millilitres
- Jack and the Beanstalk
- If I Had a Magic Bean
- Growing Plants Quiz
- Comparison of Stories
- Maths Recap
- Our Reading Dogs

Summer Activities

Year 2 Summer Activities

Reflection of Year 2

My A-Z of nature

Starters for STEM

The Mystery of the Minibeasts

The Mystery of the Missing Story Ending

Easter Holiday

Easter Activities

Useful Links

Year 1 and 2 CEW Words

Writing Stimulus


Phonics Play

Spelling Play- Interactive resources

Hit The Button

BBC Bitesize KS1

CBeebies Bedtime Stories

Astronauts Reading Stories

Isle of Tune - Town planning with a musical theme.

Maths activity - Countdown - Can you play countdown and make the target number?

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