Curriculum Information

Curriculum Information

Parkland Primary School Curriculum Statement

The curriculum is set within a framework that expects and seeks to attain the highest possible achievement from our pupils regardless of their race, sex, disability or background, through the promotion of shared values which we endeavour to uphold and live by.

We provide children with a broad and balanced curriculum that promotes mental, spiritual, cultural, moral and physical development as well as preparing pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of the next phase of their education. The curriculum is drawn from the expectations within the National Curriculum 2014. Each year group works within this structure using curriculum statements to guide the teaching of the various subject areas. Each phase, year group and teacher is expected to design their curriculum to meet the particular needs of the children they teach within the context of the school’s unique community.

We recognise four subject areas as core and nine as foundational to each pupil’s learning entitlement. The core subjects are English, Mathematics, Science and Computing. Every child’s development in these areas is of paramount importance, laying the foundations for future educational success.

Foundation subject areas include: Art and Design; Design and Technology; Modern Foreign Language in KS2; Geography; History; Music; Physical Education; Religious Education and Personal, Social and Health Education.

Our school plans using a creative ‘connected curriculum’ approach where subject objectives are linked and taught together in a themed way. Sometimes teachers may also focus on aspects of subjects in a discrete approach.

English is an integral part of every area of the curriculum as well as being a subject in its own right. We ensure that every child has opportunities to learn and apply the skills they need to read and write effectively across the curriculum. Specific lessons focus on: Phonics; Spelling; Handwriting; Grammar; Punctuation and Reading. More information in our Reading Policy

In Mathematics we support and enable our pupils to become fluent in all areas of the subject, so that they can reason mathematically and solve problems. We also focus on specific mathematical skills in discrete lessons each day to ensure that children develop and deepen their understanding and skills at an age appropriate level. We adopt a mastery approach to teaching mathematics that supports children to reach age related expectations and provides additional challenge to enable children to deepen their understanding of mathematical processes and principles. We also recognise that mathematics is an interconnected subject and look for links to develop children’s mathematical learning and ability in relevant ways through themed learning.

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) is integrated into core and foundation subjects where possible within in all year groups. Aspects of PSHE may also be taught as a discrete subject where necessary.In teaching Religious Education, we follow the guidelines of the locally agreed syllabus. We blend the locally agreed syllabus with the Diocese of Leicester Agreed Syllabus for R.E.

R.E. may is often taught as a separate subject with many and various religious leaders and religious visits organised in each school year to develop a wide understanding of beliefs around us.

An Assembly is held in school each day.

Parkland Primary values the role of outdoor education and promotes this through the imaginative use of our spaces and our grounds and through residential learning experiences.

The importance of British Values is reinforced throughout our curriculum. A separate statement relating to the school’s promotion of British Values explains this in greater detail.

Extra-Curricular Learning

It is a school expectation that all year groups offer a range of extra-curricular provision aiming to inspire children to broaden their interest, skills and knowledge. Extra-curricular activities for children of all ages take place before or after school hours or during lunchtimes.

In addition, Parkland Primary organises access to holiday activities for their pupils during the summer break, either on-site.

Additional provision for disadvantaged children is targeted through the extra-curricular and holiday activities on offer in all DSAT schools. Participation is encouraged through the use of Pupil Premium funding to reduce costs to families.

Trust Wide Learning Experiences

Parkland Primary is part of an academy trust (Discover School’s Academy Trust - DSAT). DSAT’s Strategic Plan pledges to provide the following Core Offer for children in all Trust schools:

  • Excellent provision for the wellbeing of children through the development of an education psychology provision.
  • All children will make at least good progress in line with their abilities
  • All children have the opportunity to take part in competitive and non-competitive sport
  • All children have the opportunity to take part in a public performance within an aspect of the arts
  • All children have the opportunity to engage in outdoor learning
  • All children have the opportunity to engage in activity scientific enquiry
  • All children will be engaged in an exciting curriculum that is matched to national expectation, and takes into account their interests and abilities
  • All schools will provide opportunities for children to expressive their thoughts and views through a school council and participation in Discovery Parliament
  • All schools will work creatively to raise aspirations for all children
  • All schools will develop a values based curriculum that incorporates specific learning behaviours for their children

DSAT organises opportunities for children from all Trust schools to join together to learn and experience new settings and challenges. Annually these include children’s conferences and workshops in ICT/Computing, Science and Maths. Activities in The Arts include music, drama and dance festivals, art competitions and displays and a DSAT Pantomime. English activities have been linked to creative writing, spelling competitions and poetry. An annual DSAT Awards event celebrates the breadth of achievement of children and adults across our Trust.

Curriculum Booklets

The documents below provides a more detailed look at our current school curriculum:

Curriculum Statement 2016/17

Parkland Primary School Curriculum Statement 2016/17

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