Year 6 Revision Area

Quizlet Links

3D Shapes and their Properties

2D Shapes and their Properties

Fraction, decimal and percentage equivalence

Place Value

Multiples, Factors and Primes

Roman Numerals

Measurement and Conversions

Metric conversions


Maths Games

Has some great games and maths resources (it also has some games that are iPad friendly)

Lots of maths games to choose from (make sure children are working at the 7-11 age)


The children have a log in for this website and it is a valuable resource for revision. Each week your child’s class teacher will set relevant questions and there are a range of age related games that the children can access after completing the questions.

Children just use their log on to practice their multiplication tables

Compare4kids has useful links to some free resources

Lots of great videos to revise maths skills

Lots of great resources which can be used for maths revision

Arithmetic Question Practise

This spreadsheet automatically generates new questions and provides the answer for children to self-check.

Grammar Punctuation and Spellings

Lots of games and videos to choose from (make sure children are working at the 7-11 age)

Some useful videos and revision pages

National Curriculum - Year 5 and 6 Spelling


Reading Practice Papers: The link below will provide you with access to all the old SATs reading papers (these are a good revision aids, but be aware the tests are now more challenging due to the requirements of the new 2015+ National Curriculum)