Anti-Bullying Information

Our Approach to Anti-Bullying

At Parkland Primary School we have a zero-tolerance approach to bullying. We have clear procedures in school to ensure that all behaviour is managed effectively and that any issues are dealt with and resolved as soon as possible from the time of occurrence. The school teaches children to use the STOP approach which means: Start Telling Other People in regards to addressing incidents of rude, mean or bullying behaviours in school.

In school, teachers deliver regular PSHE lessons which ensure that statutory curriculum expectations are met with regards to supporting children’s personal, social and health education. Lessons are used to teach children skills to develop healthy relationships and friendships. Children are encouraged to talk about issues with teachers, other staff members and their parents. Any incidents of bullying are recorded in school and followed up by the Senior Leadership Team and Headteacher where necessary.

What to do if you have concerns or suspect that your child is being bullied:

What we will do:

  1. Any incidents staff are made aware of will be recorded by staff and the Headteacher notified.
  2. In serious cases, parents will be informed and will be asked to come into a meeting to discuss the problem.
  3. If necessary and appropriate, police will be consulted
  4. The bullying behaviour or threats of bullying will be investigated, and the bullying stopped quickly
  5. An attempt will be made to help the bully (bullies) change their behaviour.

Do not:

  1. Attempt to sort the problem out yourself by speaking to the child whom you think may be the bully or by speaking to their parents.
  2. Encourage your child to be ‘a bully’ back. Both of these will only make the problem much harder to solve.

Additional Information

If you wish to access our Anti-Bullying Policy to read in more detail about our approach to anti-bullying in school the please go the polices section of the website and access it from there.

There is also a link here to the Leicestershire ‘Bullying in our Community’ booklet with lots of useful information and links in.

Bullying in our community.

What Is Meant By Bullying?

We teach children to recognise what bullying is, using the following statements that have been developed with pupils:

Helpful Organisations

  • Advisory Centre for Education (ACE) 020 7354 8321
  • KIDSCAPE Parents Helpline (Mon-Fri, 10-4) 0845 1 205 204
  • Parentline Plus 0808 800 2222
  • Youth Access 020 8772 9900
  • Bullying Online
  • Visit the Kidscape website for further support, links and advice.