Extra Curricular Activities

We are pleased to inform you that our Sports Coaches will be continuing to offer after school clubs to students.

Places at clubs are allocated by our Sports Coaches with priority given to children who have not attended a club previously. This helps to ensure that every child in the school is given an equal opportunity to take part in extra-curricular sport and activities. We try to offer a diverse range of clubs which appeal to the greatest number of children possible. If your child has a place in a club but no longer wishes to attend, please inform the office or one of our Sports Coaches, as there will be children waiting for a place to become available. If your child does not attend for two weeks without good reason, they will be removed from the club register and will not be allowed to re-join for the duration of the term.

You can view the document below to see what clubs are running this year:

After School Clubs – Autumn 2 2022